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SGO Designer Glass of St Louis



SGO Iron Art has the elegance of wrought iron at a fraction of the cost. It is lightweight, durable, and the possibilities are endless. Iron Art combines historical beauty with modern technology.


In addition to its affordability, SGO Iron Art can be easily installed in any space and provides unique designs that personalize a home or office, and complement traditional window coverings, such as shutters or blinds. Unwanted views can be screened out while still allowing sunlight.


SGO Iron Art comes in 13 beautiful finishes to complement any color, scheme, or style. They are: iron with light rust, antique bronze, iron with no rust, iron with full rust, aged gold, patina bronze, antique silver, white, green, blue, red, beige and gold! Designs can be made into any shape or size necessary and can also be customized to match your motif. Iron Art designs can even be made of slogans or letters.

Custom Orders

SGO Designer Glass is proud of its reputation as a “problem solving” company. We are always seeking to extend boundaries of glass and design with our diverse product offerings.

How to Order

The SGO Designer Glass experience begins in either our studio, your home, or your business. During this step we try to gather as much information about your project and needs. If you are unsure of what it is you would like to do, not to worry, we can help. Our design consultants have numerous tools and templates and are ready to assist you in developing your ideas.

Typical Lead Time

Average fabrication lead time five weeks from the completion of designs.

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